Holland America Flowers, LLC

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High-Quality Flowers

Holland America Flowers, LLC in Arroyo Grande, CA, specializes in growing a variety of flowers. Our expertise in bulbs and growing methods produces quality flowers that look great and last longer.

At Holland America Bulb Farms, we primarily grow tulips as well as peonies, eremurus and crocosmia. We harvest greens (Salal) in the northwest forest areas. The Woodland area has fertile loam soil that is very suitable for growing our flowers. The climate ensures early production and a longer season.

The majority of the Holland America Flowers, LLC farm is dedicated to growing Oriental lilies, LA Hybrids, Asiatic lilies and freesias. We also grow calla lilies, irises, snapdragons, coastal foliage and filler flowers. Arroyo Grande has the ideal coastal climate with clean water and sandy soil that enables us to grow beautiful cut flowers year round.

Our bulbs are from the Netherlands, with some lily and tulip bulbs imported from Chile and New Zealand. Freesia bulbs are from North Africa.

Oriental Lilies

LA Hybrid Lilies








Field Flowers