Holland America Flowers, LLC

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Flowers Are Our Business

Holland America Flowers, LLC in Arroyo Grande, CA, and Holland America Bulb Farms in Woodland, WA, are two large flower farming businesses owned and operated by the Dobbe Family with four generations of expertise in flower bulbs.

Benno and Klazina Dobbe started their bulb and flower business in Woodland, WA in 1980, which was expanded with a flower producing farm in Arroyo Grande, CA in 1986. Currently Dobbe Farms grows indoor and outdoor production on 185 acres of sandy-loam property and Holland America Flowers grows mainly indoor production on 75 acres of sandy property. The 2 farms combined employ 125 full-time employees and up to 100 part-time workers, mainly during the tulip season in Woodland, WA. 

We have strict quality control measures in place, starting with buying the best bulbs on the market. The bulbs are then stored in rooms where we control the temperature, humidity and ventilation. Once planted, the crops are supervised on a daily basis to monitor growth and determine the perfect picking stage for harvest. The harvested flowers enter our processing lines to be bunched and inspected by our Quality Control Manager before entering our well-controlled cooler rooms. The final inspection takes place on the packing line when the flowers are boxed up for shipping and then loaded on the trucks that deliver the flowers to our customers.

We sell millions of stems every year nationwide. We service all 50 states and parts of Canada via numerous refrigerated trucks, UPS, FedEx, OnTrac and Air Carriers.